Dr. Boris Mannhardt

Biologist, CEO


Phone: +49-30-264921-61


Jubilee Conference

Biotechnology 2036

in die Zukunft

A conference video in German can be found here.



The Think Tank

Biotechnology, life sciences, knowledge-based bioeconomy, medical technology – each of these terms embodies hope and belief in advances for humankind. Science, research and technology create the foundation. Politics and capital are the prerequisites for implementation. Companies bring the results to market where they reach us all. Information and communication are indispensable at every stage of the process.

Experienced industry and scientific specialists at BIOCOM AG have been tracking the development of biotechnology from research to market for more than 25 years - content-driven and success-oriented, enthusiastic about the subject and always committed to the customer.

BIOCOM AG has offices in Austria, Belgium and Switzerland and is active throughout Europe in media, events and services. However, the heart of BIOCOM AG beats in Berlin - the company headquarters is located in the historic Rütgers­haus in city's Tiergarten/Mitte district.

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